Our Coyan family tree


"There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children - one is roots, the other wings.". Author unknown

Lots of folks have sent me email the last few months asking the question "Is the _____ surname in your Coyan tree? Well, in order to perhaps locate more "distant cousins", I decided to put these surname lists and ancestor/descendant tree charts on the Internet.

PLEASE realize that there are most likely some erroneous entries (name misspellings, dates, etc). That's where I hope to hear from YOU in order to correct any errors, as well as to ask for your help in adding to the numerous incomplete branches! I must admit, I become frustrated at times (as my "mentor" Joy Coyan  told me I would), by those so willing to "take" but share nothing in return...this is not MY project, but rather ALL COYAN DESCENDANT's project - I am only the "link" to share it to those interested... I feel that we have a responsibility to preserve and share our Coyan heritage for the benefit of our children, grandchildren, and all generations to come. Give some thought to the anonymous quotes at the top of the page if you don't share that opinion...

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge all of those that I am aware have contributed to the building of this family tree database, along with myself. The ones I feel are most responsible are Joy Masters Coyan, Marie Atkisson Coyan, Gladys Lange Coyan, Pauline Garrett Constant, Rick Borland, Carol Moore, JoAnn Haynes Coyan, Linda Coyan Koppin, and Rose Garrett Walker (in no particular order). Without their willingness to share, this page would not be possible. I would love to add YOUR name here as well - please share your tree information for the benefit of everyone in our "tree"!

When I became interested in and began my own "addictive" research on the Coyan family genealogy five years ago, the combined efforts of those who had preceded me had compiled a database of between 900-1000 people. The number of people documented to be in our "tree" with the COYAN surname stood at 178. I am happy to say that the numbers as of March 7, 2001, have increased to 2095 total and 380 with the Coyan surname. I couldn't do this alone and I thank everyone who has contributed to this effort recently. The Internet and sharing does work!

But "numbers" are not what this website is about. Rather, it is about PEOPLE - their family stories (both happy and sad), pictures (and soon VIDEO as the 'net' progresses!), etc. More of that will be posted soon (as I get time)...

For now I have decided to move the family tree database to Rootsweb.com in order to free up my own Internet storage space for pictures, old census records, newspaper articles etc.

Here is the Coyan family tree, which includes TEN generations at present, going back to Edward and Sarah Coyan in the Revolutionary War timeframe.