Anthony Coyan's genealogy journal

Well here it is folks, my Pulitzer Prize candidate for Illiterature. Actually, I decided to start this journal because I have made so many notes as I made these numerous genealogy trips in recent years that I feel I should share them in hope that those who follow (hopefully) or are presently assisting with our Coyan research will at least know where I've "been". Thank God that the Internet makes all of this "sharing" possible!

Since 1996, I have travelled more than 10,000 miles, visited more than (all totalled) 100 courthouses, libraries, cemetaries, and personal residences in several states, and spent a dollar or two along the way in pursuit of expanding on what was previously known of my Coyan ancestors (trust me, genealogy is NOT an inexpensive hobby!!). I know of no other HOBBY that - if done thoroughly - requires so much time, labor, and well, I already mentioned the monetary stuff. But, I also know of no other hobby that is so personally rewarding as to discover one's heritage  - you cannot put a "price" on it.

After my initial interest in this wonderful hobby, I quickly found out that - for several very good reasons - the Coyan genealogy "project" had not made substantial progress in the last few years  from what had previously been compiled by several individuals.  Family obligations, illness,  and the passing of family members previously active in pursuing our "roots and relatives", convinced me to start down this road searching for my blood relatives and Coyan ancestors. So why would I undertake such an endeavour?   

First and foremost, I do it for my 2 sons, Justin and Brandon Coyan, whom I hope one day will understand the importance of knowing our heritage. I want them to have the answers to the questions that eventually we all ask ourselves: "Where did I come from?". "Who were my ancestors?". "What were their personalities like?". "What did they look like?", etc.

Floyd "Boone" Coyan and his wife Joy lit that fire in me that never really becomes kindled for most of us, and that is understandable since we live in such a hectic society. I can't explain my drive to complete this family "puzzle" as best I can - I just know that it's there! But please remember that this "project" is not just for MY children, but rather for all of us who are descended from Edward and Sarah Coyan. No one person can complete this puzzle, and that's where I am hoping this website will reach others who are caring and willing enough to share what they know of their "branch" of our family tree.

In the coming weeks and months I plan to share some (hopefully) entertaining stories that older family members have told me, post pictures of me and family members that I have visited, and tell of my many "travails" - and travels - along the way.

 I was "stalked" in the McKeesport, PA. cemetary - 07/17/2000