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This website is dedicated to the memory of Floyd "Boone" Coyan  Jr. (1930-1999) who along with his wife Joy (Masters) Coyan, provided the inspiration for my interest in this addictive and fulfilling hobby. It is also dedicated to my parents, Norman (1929-2007) & Hazel Coyan (1922-2008). The website was last updated in August 2008

My name is Anthony Coyan and I am a life-long resident of  Jackson, Ohio. This small southern Ohio town is significant in the Coyan family history in that NINE generations of us have resided here, beginning in the early 1840's when my 4th great-grandparents, Hugh & Elizabeth Coyan  left Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and came to southern Ohio.

Our now-confirmed Revolutionary War "Patriot" immigrant Coyan ancestral parents, Edward & Sarah Coyan  , left Maryland with their children and headed west for the frontier of Washington county, Pennsylvania in the mid/late 1790's after the end of the Revolutionary War. When Edward and Sarah's children were grown, several married and migrated west to Columbiana county (ca. 1805-1820) and Jackson county (ca. 1842) Ohio.

  The Coyan Family Tree - 10 generations in America and counting...

My 4th great-grandparents, Hugh and Elizabeth Coyan, made their home near Jackson for over 20 years from early 1842 until 1863 (when they moved to Iowa) and it is also in Jackson, Ohio, that several children were born to their son and my 3rd great-grandparents William & Elizabeth Coyan.  The 7 children of William & Elizabeth Coyan were:


Theme song to the Civil War movie "Gods and Generals"

By the spring of 1863, the Civil War was intensifying. With oldest son, Jackson Coyan, bedridden in a Union army hospital in Tennessee and with a first cousin, William H. Coyan, already killed during the war, I believe that my ggg-grandparents William James Coyan Sr. and wife Elizabeth made the decision to escape more family tragedy due to the likelihood that two other sons (Hugh John & William James II) would soon be drafted.  

William and Elizabeth sold their land near Jackson, Ohio in March, 1863, and took the rest of the family to Wapello County, Iowa. They purchased an isolated farm there in May 1863 and remained on it until 1879 when William and Elizabeth moved west for the final time, this time purchasing a rural farm near Mapleton, Kansas. Accompanying them were sons Hugh John, William James Jr. and (later) George W. Coyan.

William and Elizabeth, these three sons, and many of their descendants are buried in Mapleton, Bourbon county, Kansas. Their oldest son, Jackson Coyan, is buried in my native town of Jackson, Ohio. Daughter Mary Ann Coyan Garrett is buried in Gravity, Iowa. I'm still looking for Robert....

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Due to Edward Coyan's patriotism, I am PROUD to have been accepted as a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. 7/19/2003
A "special addition" Coyan - The first 10th generation COYAN male descendant born in America to our Revolutionary War "patriot" ancestor, Edward (Cowan) Coyan   2/25/2002
Coyan war veterans - honoring those who have served in armed conflict
Recent Coyan family news (deaths, births, marriages, etc.)  I'm asking for your help if I am to keep this website up to date for the benefit of all relatives!
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Fewer than 500 people (most likely) have been born in the USA with the surname "Coyan" since the Revolutionary War   06/17/2000
What "proof" is there that the Coyan's are of Scotch-Irish descent? At last I've found "evidence"! 06/15/2003.
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The Scotch-Irish:  "Brewed in Scotland, bottled in Ireland, uncorked in America"
Harford county, MD. - our ancestors lived in this county of great historical significance during the Revolutionary War timeframe
The "lost" Montana Coyan's - a mystery SOLVED!  10/15/2000 
My genealogy travel journal -   07/17/2000
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Old pictures, postcards, etc. of my native Jackson, Ohio  -   07/17/2000
A Coyan inventor with an automobile "anti-skidding" patent in 1933  
Another Coyan inventor, credited with inventing the life-saving buoy used for many years by the American Red Cross - my great, great-uncle Robert Lee Coyan
I have been accepted as a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War due to my gg-grandfather Jackson Coyan' s service in the Civil War. The SUVCW is the U. S. Congress-approved successor to the Grand Army of the Republic
If you are descended from the Coyan's, what relation are you to me? Here's a relationship chart to help you figure it out..
A Coyan descendant and renowned Nevada state legislator
A Coyan descendant and a Hollywood silent film actress in over 50 films in the 1920's
Murphy's Law for Genealogists - funny, but too often true...
Coyan family heirlooms - some neat pictures of antiques still in the family

FACT: The COYAN surname is the 27,833rd most (least..) popular last name in the United States,  comprising 0.000% of the population, according to the 1990 U.S. census..


I hope you enjoy your visit to the Coyan family website. While you're here, take a look at some of my own family pictures, including one of my Dad in his army days with Whitey Ford. Whitey was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 1974 along side his good friend and New York Yankee teammate, Mickey Mantle.

My thanks go out to those who have preceded  me in doing Coyan family research. Click here to view a page that acknowledges their unselfish efforts. If you are in a "branch" (or suspect you may be) of the Coyan family tree and have information that you will share, please e-mail me. If we choose not to share - and thus preserve our heritage for our children and succeeding generations - then the tree will surely die as the generations pass.


Dead Ends (No pun intended) - "branches" where I need your help -  

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