William & Elizabeth Coyan

"My 3rd great-grandparents"

View a picture of William's & Elizabeth's graves in Mapleton, Kansas

Could these OLD tintypes be pictures of William & Elizabeth (Jackson) Coyan????

William Coyan was born January 6, 1821 (according to his tombstone), most likely near present day Alliquippa, PA in Beaver county, the only son of Hugh and Elizabeth Coyan. My "suspicions" for believing that he was born there lie in the fact that while I was at the Beaver County ,PA.courthouse and the nearby Historical Library in 1998, I uncovered several tax lists and an important civil court record dated in the 1820-23 timeframe that show his father Hugh to be in that location, so it is logical that William was born there. I find it interesting that this location is within 20 miles of Hanover Twp. in northern Washington county, PA. where William's grandparents Edward & Sarah? settled in the mid 1790's. It is also within 15 miles of where his parents Hugh & Elizabeth were located in Allegheny county, PA in the 1830 and 1840 U.S. census, thus my belief that family never strayed far from this area for nearly 50 years before moving on to Ohio.

At present, there has been no record found of William and Elizabeth's marriage ca. 1838-40. The records in Allegheny and Beaver county are very sporadic and thus far I haven't gotten "lucky" during my trips there. Joy Coyan has documentation hinting the fact that Elizabeth's maiden name was "Jackson", which would explain why their first son was given that name, although no info on Elizabeth's parents has been found to date. According to Elizabeth's tombstone, she was born on November 12, 1816.

The first "formal" documentation for William and his parents' presence in Ohio occurred on March 19, 1844, when William and "Elizabeth Coyan Sen." - obviously his mother - purchased 40 acres of farm land in Scioto Twp. of Jackson county, OH. Though the quality isn't the greatest, you may view a copy of that land deed here. I am curious that Hugh's name does not show up on this deed, but my belief is that his wife Elizabeth had probably come into an inheritance from her parents back in Pennsylvania, and thus the family finally had the $150 to purchase this 40 acres.

On January 9, 1848, William purchased the half of this 40 acres owned by his parents for $100, according to the deed. Hugh and Elizabeth were now nearly 60 years old, so it is logical that they wished to get the land into their only son's name. In the 1850 U.S. census, William &  Elizabeth, several children, and Hugh & Elizabeth are present in Scioto Twp., Jackson, OH.

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