The Coyan genealogy "tribute" page

There are so many folks who have contributed to the quest of completing the family tree that I'm sure I may inadvertantly leave someone out, so DON"T BE OFFENDED if you or one of your immediate ancestors has done research but isn't listed here. I'm listing the folks that I'm personally aware of, so please email me if I've omitted someone.

Joy & Boone Coyan of Jackson, Ohio, are responsible for my interest in our Coyan heritage. One afternoon, few years back, they showed me a picture of my gg-grandparents, Jackson & Sarah Overly Coyan. That lit the spark that drives me to (hopefully) eventually trace our ancestors back to when/where they may have entered America. Joy's enthusiasm, addiction for and knowledge of the family genealogy have inspired me in more ways than she knows. She is as responsible as anyone for what is known of our ancestors. Joy's health no longer allows for the countless hours sitting in the libraries and courthouses that I know she misses so much. Here is a picture of Joy and her husband Floyd "Boone" Coyan. Thank you both for so generously sharing with me!!! 

Gladys (Lange) Coyan - Gladys was married to Jack Richard Coyan, who is descended from Hugh John Coyan Sr. Gladys was instrumental in uncovering many previously unknown facts about the Coyan heritage and may well be the one who located William Coyan (1805-1891) through records that she found in McKeesport, PA. This was vital in "linking" the Coyan's to Allegheny county, PA. Joy Coyan and Gladys became good friends and shared much info as they uncovered it. Gladys passed away on June 5, 1996.  Click here to view a picture of Gladys and husband Jack Coyan.

Pauline Constant - Pauline is the adopted daughter of Frank and Myrtle Barnes Garrett and thus tied to Mary Coyan Garrett. During my stop in Taylor county, Iowa in May 1999, I heard about "this Garrett lady in Missouri" who was wanting to get in touch with me because I was a COYAN and doing family research. I was fortunate to meet her and her Garrett research will be used here often. The treasure trove of pictures of Mary Ann Coyan and her children are compliments of Pauline. Thank you!!!!!!

Rose Garrett Walker -  Rose lives in Springfield, OH and has been doing Garrett family research for many years. She has been very gracious in sharing what she knows with anyone who has inquired. The Mary Ann (Coyan) Garrett family tree info that I have to date comes primarily from work that she has done.