Rosanna Coyan Hawk (1820-1908)

"A first cousin to my ggg-grandfather William Coyan"

PICTURES of Rosanna Coyan Hawk and husband John Hawk!

Rosanna Coyan Hawk was the daughter of John (1784-1854) and Margaret McKinnon Coyan  (1787-1857) of Carroll county, Ohio. Was she wealthy or famous - no. But this lady has come to draw my attention like few other of our Coyan ancestors. First, she was the only one of John and Margaret's children who was living in Ohio (and nearby in Carroll county at that) when each of her parents passed away. So, it is likely that any precious personal possessions belonging to her parents would have been passed on to her.

My first impression that Rosanna had a deep sense of family and her heritage occurred in 1998 when Joy Coyan shared with me that there had appeared a mention of  William Theaker Coyan's (of McKeesport, PA.) passing in 1891 in the Carrollton, Ohio newspaper. Undoubtedly, Rosanna - who was a niece of William's -  was responsible for having that "mention" published. I'll post that newspaper article soon.  

My initial feelings about Rosanna's sense of family and heritage were solidified when I uncovered the obituary below. It is obvious that Rosanna had made a point to let her family know that she was of Scotch-Irish heritage. Apparently, it left enough of an impression on whomever wrote her obituary that they specifically mentioned it!

Here is that obituary, as I copied it at the Ohio Historical Society on June 8, 2000. The obit appeared in the "Carroll Chronicle" newspaper on Friday, October 23, 1908. Rosanna had passed away the previous Friday, October 16, 1908. Here is strong circumstantial "PROOF" of our SCOTCH-IRISH heritage, from a Coyan descendant born 180 years ago!!