Richard Wilson Dewey Coyan (1827-1914)

"A first cousin to my 3rd great-grandfather, William Coyan"

Family tree info for Richard W. D. Coyan and descendants

It has only been in the last six months as I write this (November 2000) that the pieces to "W.D" Coyan's puzzle have started to come together. Prior to this, about the only "facts" known about him were a couple of bits of info that Rick Borland had shared with me. One was that "Richard Coyan" was born on December 16, 1829, according to an entry in the Hawk family bible. The other "fact" was contained in a Carrollton, Ohio newspaper article in 1908 that mentioned the passing of his sister, Rosanna Coyan Hawk. That article said that surviving was one sibling, "Rev. Wilson Coin, of Pasadena, California, a brother".

Much more soon...