Washington Co., PA. tax records for Edward & son Hugh Coyan: 1798-1814

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Edward Coyan, my 5th great-grandfather and our common ancestor, first appears in the Washington County, PA. tax records in 1798 when the federal government levied a "direct" tax on all citizens. Edward was shown as renting 300 acres of land in Hanover Twp. from a Thomas Cooper. Here Edward Coyan remained for the next 15 or so years, appearing yearly on tax lists that I found in the Law Library of the Washington county courthouse on, ironically, St. Patrick's day in 1998 - a day I will certainly remember.

What was striking was that in the 1811 tax list, my 4th great-grandfather Hugh Coyan, appeared as a "single freeman". This was the first record uncovered, to my knowledge, that tied Edward and his son Hugh Coyan together at the same place & time in Pennsylvania. Below are those records that I copied from the tax books. I have eliminated the names of others who appeared on the same pages in order to conserve disk space at my ISP. Notice especially how the spelling of the Coyan name changed from year to year, with the spelling of COYAN first showing up in 1807. This is the earliest record located thus far with our name intact as it is today. On to the lists - and please be patient while they download!!!








1807 - At LAST, the spelling as it appears today!!!




1811 - Edward Coyan

1811 - Hugh shows up as a "single freeman" at age 21

1812 - Edward "came as tenant" but "moved". Could the War of 1812 been the reason??

1812 - Hugh Coyan. Notice that he was "gone" also!

1813-14. Edward was taxed for a DOG!

1814-15. Edward shows up for the last time but he was "GONE"