More pictures of William and Elizabeth Coyan's farm in Iowa

The present owner of the Coyan farm has resided there for 57 years! He told me that when he bought the farm in 1942, there was no electricity! The farm is in Competine Twp. in Wapello Co., Iowa, 22 miles NE of the county seat of Ottumwa. Since I believe that Jackson Coyan's parents, Wm. & Elizabeth were escaping the Civil War when they came to Iowa, it makes sense that they would purchase land where they would be isolated.

The present owner also told me that there is a natural spring called "Crystal Springs" on this land. He said that in the 1930's there was a terrible drought and farmers came from all around to get water for themselves and their livestock. Aside from it's remote location, that's probably one of the things that attracted William and Elizabeth to this land.