This is a picture that I wasn't sure I'd ever find, though I was confident it may exist. According to Pauline Constant, an adopted daughter of Frank Garrett & Myrtle Barnes Garrett, this is a picture of Jacob Garrett & wife Mary Ann (Coyan) Garrett. Pauline told me that her blood sister and adoptive mother Myrtle, who was the daughter-in-law of Jacob & Mary, confirmed this. This type of picture is known as an "albumen print" mounted on a "cabinet card". These were extremely popular in photography studios in the later 1800's. I'm curious to know the history of Simpson's Studio in Gravity, Iowa, where Jacob & Mary lived for most of their married lives. This picture was probably taken in the 1875-1885 time frame. Personally, I see a striking resemblance between Mary Ann and her older brother Jackson Coyan. Enjoy and thanks to Pauline!!!