This marriage license clears up the mystery regarding where Jacob Garrett and Mary Ann Coyan were married. Suspicion amongst the Ohio branch of Coyan's and Garrett's has been that they were married in Muskingum county, Ohio (Jacob's place of birth) or possibly Taylor county, Iowa. But I spent several hours in the Probate section of the Muskingum county courthouse in early 1998, and I came up empty - NO marriage license. When I visited Wapello county, Iowa in May 1998, the dispute was finally put to rest. There was their marriage license, along with an interesting "twist". Make note that they were married in the home of John Potter. It just so happens that John Potter was the father-in-law of John Coyan Jr., who was almost certainly the first cousin of William Coyan Sr. It was the presence of John Coyan in Wapello county, IA, documented as early as 1856, that I'm convinced is why my ggg-grandfather William decided to move to (of all places) Wapello county, IA. in 1863 when they left Jackson, Ohio!!