Maps of Northern Ireland & Scotland

Here are some maps of Northern Ireland and Scotland...EXTREMELY likely to have been the ancestral home of our Revolutionary War "patriot", Edward (Cowan) Coyan and his Scotch-Irish parents, grandparents, etc.

My lengthy research reveals that Edward made the long journey to America ca. 1765-1775 at age 18 (and perhaps other family members as well who are unknown to date) from Northern Ireland. The county they lived in and the port of departure to America are unknown to date, but finally I have some very substantial clues.

This first map gives a good view of the country of Northern Ireland in relation to Scotland and to the remainder of Ireland. Large numbers of the Scottish people from the "Lowlands" of that country were purposely resettled (by the British monarchy) into Northern Ireland amongst the Protestant Irish in the 1600's in order to "dilute" the rebellious Irish - hence the term "Scotch-Irish".

The VAST majority of Scottish Presbyterians who resettled in Northern Ireland in this timeframe from 1608-1700 were from the following seven counties in the Scottish "Lowlands" which bordered England to the south. They were, in alphabetical order, Counties Ayr, Dumbarton, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Lanark, Renfrew, and Wigtown (reference Charles Hanna's definitive book on the Scotch-Irish people, "The Scotch-Irish",  Chapter 13, pg 169).   

The odds greatly favor, (but note that there is no PROOF to date), that our Edward and/or his Cowan ancestors came to Northern Ireland from this region. But if I were a betting man, I'd put BIG DOLLARS on it!!! Here's a map of those 7 counties in the "Lowlands "of Scotland:

This larger map is excellent at showing the various counties and major ports in Northern Ireland. According to the book "The Scotch-Irish: A Social History" by James Leyburn - which I HIGHLY recommend if you have an interest in how our Scotch-Irish heritage evolved - the "Great Migration" of Scotch-Irish to America between 1717-1775 occurred mainly from the ports of Londonderry, Portrush, Larne, Belfast, and Newcastle.

In Charles Hanna's epic book mentioned above it states, once again, that the VAST majority of Scottish  Presbyterian immigrants into Northern Ireland in the 1600's settled into COUNTY ANTRIM and the NORTH  HALF OF COUNTY DOWN. If I don't find the exact location in Northern Ireland from whence Edward lived and thus departed to America just prior to the Revolutionary War, then serious Coyan researchers who follow me would be advised to START LOOKING IN THESE TWO COUNTIES for records!!!


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