This map does a good job of showing the probable locations in Maryland where our Coyan ancestors may have entered and lived in America prior to the Revolutionary War and the route that they likely took to Washington county, PA. in the mid/late 1790's. Note the yellow highlighted areas. It is historical fact that the vast majority of Scotch-Irish coming to America between 1717-1775 entered via the Delaware River and disembarked at the ports of New Castle, DE.; Chester, PA.; and Philadelphia, PA. Note New Castle's close proximity to Harford county, where Edward Coyan most likely resided prior to leaving for Washington, PA.

Location "1" in Washington county, PA is Hanover township, where Edward Coyan and family are confirmed to have resided from 1798 until at least 1811. Location "2" is Hopewell township in Beaver county, PA., where Edward's son (and my gggg-grandfather) Hugh Coyan appears in yearly tax records from 1820-24. It is here that his only son William was most likely born in 1820. Location "3" is Moon township in Allegheny county, PA. This is where Hugh and his family resided in 1840, according to the U.S. census for that year. It was just a year or two later that they left Allegheny county and head for Jackson county, Ohio via the Ohio River.