Pictures of the Coyan family farm in Kansas

This is a picture of the house that Chester Coyan, grandson of William James Jr. and son of Fernando & Nellie Coyan lived his entire life in just 2 miles east of Mapleton, Kansas. It is part of the original land that my 3rd great-grandparents William James Sr. & Elizabeth Coyan bought in 1879 when they arrived in Bourbon county, Kansas. The house was rebuilt ca. 1900, according to Chester. The farm was sold in the late summer of 2000, following Chester's death. At that time, it left the Coyan family, who had owned it for 121 years from the time that my 3rd-great grandparents William and Elizabeth purchased it in 1879.

This is another view on the farm, looking west from the house.

One more picture of the homestead, from the driveway. The house is just out of view to the right.