Gravesite of John Coyan Jr. and family

In May, 1999, I made - what I believe to be - the first trip of any Coyan family researcher to Wapello county, Iowa in search of documentation that may help to further complete our genealogy jigsaw puzzle. Amongst the "pieces" that I collected were these pictures that I took in the Ottumwa cemetary of John Coyan Jr.'s grave as well as those of several of his children. Here are those pictures.  If you look at this first picture, you see a "missing" grave marker second from the left at the bottom . This is where Margaret Potter Coyan, John Jr.'s wife, is buried. John's marker is next to hers on the far left.

The imposing double-sided stone in the center of the plot was most likely placed there by the Goldie family or his widow, Nancy "Nannie" Coyan Goldie, a daughter of John Jr. and Margaret Potter Coyan. William Goldie was a wealthy man, having worked for the Midway Amusement Company. He was "well known in World's Fair cities". The footstones at each end of the plot can be seen at the bottom of these first two pictures, with close up pictures of them beginning with the 3rd picture on this page.

"John Coyan Aug. 22, 1827 July, 19, 1882"

Nancy "Nannie" Coyan, daughter of John Coyan Jr. and Margaret Potter Coyan. The stone reads "Mrs. Wm. Goldie  Apr. 16, 1860  Jan. 24, 1909"

Thomas Jefferson Coyan, son of John Coyan Jr. and Margaret Potter Coyan

Addison R. Coyan, son of John Coyan Jr. and Margaret Potter Coyan

Elizabeth Eleanor Coyan, daughter of  John Coyan Jr. and Margaret Potter Coyan

Oops! Bad picture - that happens when you are 750 miles from home, excited about making a significant genealogy "find", take some pictures, and get them developed 2 weeks later when you return home.... I WILL be buying a DIGITAL camera before my next major family "hunt". This one is the footstone for Josie Coyan Riley, daughter of John and Margaret Potter Coyan. It says "Josie Coyan Riley  July 27, 1856  Nov. 16, 1888"