Pictures of the burial site of John Coyan (1784-1854)

Just east of Malvern, Ohio, in Carroll county is the Bethlehem cemetary. This is the final resting place of John Coyan, along with granddaughter Rebecca and other children (infants) of their son Addison and his wife Mary Hoge Coyan. So where is John's wife Margaret McKinnon Coyan buried? I am assuming that she is beside John, but the sexton's records only go back to ca. 1900, so we'll likely never know for certain. Luck was with me the day I travelled to northern Ohio to locate this cemetary and even more so when it only took me about 15 minutes to "stumble" upon these grave stones in a rather large cemetary.

The picture below shows the three stones that are on the Coyan family plot. I purposely took this photo to include the small white building on the right, in the event someone ever wants to visit these graves and needs "directions".On the far left is John's stone. In the center is the stone for "Rebecca, daughter of A & M Coyan". The folks who originally transcribed the markers in the cemetary in 1964 stated her death as in 1851. It appears to me that the stone actually says "Sep. 24, 1854". Since the 1850 census for Addison and Mary Coyan show them with no children in the home, one would assume that Rebecca was just a small, or even infant child when she passed away. The stone on the right next to Rebecca's also appears to mark the resting place of more children of Addison and Mary Coyan. It definitely says "Infants" but the next line is hard to decipher. It appears to say "__ __ Coyan". The date is fairly legible and looks to be "Mar (or May?) 29, 1857".

Here is the grave stone for John Michael Coyan. After carefully studying the stone, it appears to read "John Coyan, died Jan 17, 1854. Age 69 yrs 10 mo 7 dys"

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