Pictures of Jane Coyan McKinnon's grave

These pictures were taken by me on September 3, 2000, when I made a trip to Columbiana county. Jane Coyan McKinnon, husband Michael, and sons John and Daniel were initially buried in the old Fifth Street cemetary in East Liverpool, Ohio, according to Jean Butler. That cemetary was later abandoned in order to make way for a hospital, so the remains were relocated a short distance to the Long's Run Presbyterian cemetary in Calcutta, Ohio.

I found it interesting that the gravesite was at the virtual center of the cemetary, on the highest point overlooking the remainder of the church and cemetary grounds. Long's Run Presbyterian Church is likely to be where Michael McKinnon's parents attended church, since his father Joseph McKinnon is documented to have "taught school for some years after coming to this (Columbiana) county in a schoolhouse near Calcutta." This church would have been the only Presbyterian church in Calcutta at the time.

This picture was taken at the entrance to the Long's Run Presbyterian church and cemetary in Calcutta (near East Liverpool) in Columbiana county, Ohio. Notice that the church was founded in 1800, which makes it one of the oldest churches in Ohio. It is also the oldest church in Columbiana county, Ohio.

This is a picture of the Long's Run Presbyterian Church . It was obvious to me, after walking around it that it - like many other old churches - has undergone many stages of construction through the decades. The center of the church, judging by the brick and foundation, must date to the early/mid 1800's. The Coyan genealogy travel-mobile  (which has on occasion been used as a motel bed) can be seen to the lower right  :)

Here is the gravesite of Jane Coyan McKinnon, her husband Michael, and 2 of their sons - who died in their early adult years - Daniel and John McKinnon. This 4-sided stone has taken on a "leaning tower" look through the years but the inscriptions are fairly legible, considering the age of the stone. Notice the three foot markers - these are the stones of Michael McKinnon's wives. On the left is Jane Coyan's footstone- Michael's first wife. In the center is Elizabeth Cameron's grave (she died in 1832) - Michael's 2nd wife. On the right is Nancy Murphy's grave - Michael's 3rd wife.

This is Jane Coyan McKinnon's footstone, which is shown in the photo above (lower left)

This is the stone inscription for Michael McKinnon (1781-1874), the husband of Jane Coyan McKinnon. It is the front side of the center stone shown above. Notice the surname spelling of "McKennon" at the very bottom and after Michael's name on the stone.

Here is the stone inscription for Jane Coyan McKinnon and Elizabeth Cameron McKinnon, whom Michael McKinnon married after Jane died in 1822. It reads as follows (as best I could tell!): "Jane, died Mar 18, 1822, aged 41 years. Elizabeth, died Mar 8, 1832, aged 41 years. Wives of M. McKennon".

This is the gravestone inscription for Daniel and John, two of the sons of Jane Coyan McKinnon and Michael McKinnon. It is the most legible side of the 4-sided headstone and reads as follows: "Daniel, died Nov. 25, 1844, aged 26 yrs. John, died May 23, 1846, aged 31 yrs. Sons of M. & J. McKennon"