Jane Coyan McKinnon (1780-1822)

"A sister to my 4th great--grandfather Hugh Coyan"

Information on Jane Coyan was initially shared with me by Joy Coyan and comes from "The History of Columbiana County, Ohio, and Representative Citizens". Recently (in June, 2000), I "found" Jean Butler on the Internet. Jean has been doing research on the McKinnon family for 30 years. She confirmed that John Coyan and Jane Coyan were brother /sister and that Margaret McKinnon Coyan (John's wife) and Michael McKinnon (Jane Coyan's husband) were also brother/sister. Jean has been kind enough to share quite a bit of info and some of it appears here - thank you Jean!

Pictures of Jane Coyan McKinnon's grave in Columbiana county that I took 9/2000

Jane Coyan's mention in The History of Columbiana County - notice that her father (and my 5th great-grandfather's) name must have actually been Edward John Coyan

Jane Coyan was married to Michael McKinnon (1781-1874) - also of Scotch-Irish ancestry - on Jan. 24, 1804. They were most likely  married either in Hanover township of Washington county, PA. (where her parents had settled in the late 1790's - and where Michael McKinnon's parents lived until he was a teenager) or else near East Liverpool in Columbiana county, Ohio. Jane and Michael McKinnon were the parents of the following seven children:

At this point I believe it is likely that there are living descendants of Jane Coyan McKinnon (and thus blood relatives of mine) living today - perhaps as close as the East Liverpool, Ohio area. Jean Butler, with her confirmation that Jane Coyan is in my family tree, has aroused my curiousity to see if I can research this branch to the point of showing if in fact there are living descendants.

Jane (Coyan) McKinnon died March 12, 1822, eight days after her youngest child, Michael, was born. It is a reasonable assumption that she died of complications due to childbirth - especially since she was 42 years of age. Jane is buried in Long's Run Presbyterian cemetary in Calcutta, Ohio, which is just northeast of East Liverpool in Columbiana county.

If you are researching the McKINNON family and have information on this branch, please EMAIL me!