John Jackson Coyan (1840-1898)

This is the REAL photo from which the portrait on the homepage was taken. I'm guessing that this photo was taken in Jackson, Ohio ca. 1890-95, just a few years before my great, great-grandfather died at the relatively young age of 58. Jackson never fully recovered from the illnesses he incurred during his service to the Union in the Civil War and it was those health complications (Bright's disease) that led to his early death. Jackson is the "patriarch" of everyone alive today in Ohio with the surname COYAN.

My thanks go to Nell Coyan Conklin of Centerville, OH, who loaned this picture to me when I visited her in 1998. Nell passed away on 12/2/2000. I have fond memories of the stories that she told me on my visits to Centerville, Ohio where she resided. She was quite a lady!