Hugh John Coyan Sr. (1842-1928)

 "A brother to my gg-grandfather, Jackson Coyan"

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Hugh John Coyan Sr. was born on May 13, 1842, in Jackson Ohio, the second child of William and Elizabeth (Jackson) Coyan. On Oct. 23, 1862, he was married to Sarah Jane Garrett, born October 15, 1848 to Luke Garrett and Elizabeth (Yerian) Garrett. What struck me was that Sarah Jane had just turned age 14 when she and Hugh John were married in Jackson, Ohio. Since their first child, William James II, was born on March 11, 1863,  4-1/2 months after the wedding, it is likely that Sarah Jane had become pregnant out of wedlock, thus sealing the marriage.

On March 19, 1863, eight days after the birth of William James Coyan II, Hugh John's parents sold their land holdings in Jackson, Ohio and headed to Wapello county, Iowa. It is my belief that the family had been awaiting this birth, as well as for the winter weather to break, before making the long trip West. In the ensuing years, 10 more children would be born to Hugh John and Sarah Jane Coyan, with some being born in Wapello Co., IA., and some of them born in Bourbon Co., KS. after the family settled there in 1879. Their eleven children were:

Sarah Coyan, the last child of Hugh John and Sarah Jane, was born Jan. 23, 1887 and died Feb. 3, 1887. Just a few weeks later, on March 29, 1887, Sarah Jane (Garrett) Coyan passed away, most likely due to complications of the birth of her last child. Hugh John would not remarry and continued on the family farm 2 miles east of Mapleton, KS., raising his children. With his mother, Elizabeth, still living on the farm, I'm sure that Hugh's children not yet grown were dotingly looked after by their grandmother.

Hugh John Coyan was a farmer for all of the 49 years that he lived in Mapleton and it was there that he passed away on December 7, 1928. There are many living descendants with a large number of them still in the Bourbon county, KS. area. You can read his obituary here.