Jane Coyan mentioned in "The History of Columbiana County and It's People"

This short clip from page 471 of  "The History of Columbiana County and It's People" mentions Jane's marriage to Michael McKinnon and also their children - Thank you Joy for sharing this with me!

If you aren't familiar with the McKinnon branch of the Coyan family, this article can be confusing (I know it was for me!). Joseph McKinnon, being mentioned here, was Jane Coyan McKinnon's father-in-law. I find it fascinating to note the obvious alienation between Joseph and his father at the outset of the Revolutionary War. Joseph sided with the fight for our nation's independence while his father, being an Episcopalian, was certainly loyal to the King!!

Note that Joseph McKinnon's son Michael - the future husband of Jane Coyan - was born in  1781 in "Raccoon, Washington County, Pennsylvania". This is also in Hanover township, where Jane Coyan's parents (and my 5th great-grandparents), Edward John and Sarah Coyan lived as well! MOST importantly, I wonder where the author of this book obtained Jane's birth date and name of her father!!