George W. Coyan (1851-1919)

"My great, great-grandfather Jackson Coyan's brother"

Here's the 1880 wedding picture of George W. Coyan & Susan Martha McNew

Family tree info for George and Susan Martha McKnew Coyan - coming soon

George W. Coyan (I'd bet that "W" stands for William - his father's name), was born on September 24, 1851, in Jackson county, Ohio. He was the seventh of eight children born to William and Elizabeth Jackson Coyan. In 1863, when George was 12 years old, his parents left Ohio and moved west to Wapello county, Iowa. It was here on a VERY rural farm (trust me, I've been there to Competine township) that George grew up and lived until the early 1880's.

In the fall of 1879, George's parents, two other brothers (Hugh John and William James) and their families decided to leave Iowa, moving by covered wagon to Bourbon county, Kansas. At this time, George was about 28 years old and there is no "documented" reason why he chose to remain in Wapello county, Iowa. However, when I made a trip to that county's courthouse in 1999, I found what I believe to be the "reason" why he stayed behind. That "reason" happened to be the marriage license for George W. Coyan and Susan Martha McNew, who were wed on February 26, 1880 in Wapello county. It's likely that George was "courting" Susan in the fall of 1879, and thus why he stayed in Iowa for a year or two before he followed the family to Kansas.

George W. Coyan passed away on July 2, 1919. I have been unable to locate an obituary for him to date. Susan Martha McKnew Coyan died on November 26, 1940. Her obituary can be found here.

There were two children born to George and Susan Coyan. They were Maude Coyan, born December 29, 1880 in Wapello county, Iowa, and Armand Coyan, born April 6, 1893, in Bourbon county, Kansas.

Maude Coyan did not marry, as far as I can discern from records. It is also likely that she spent her entire life in Kansas, with the exception of the first  few months or so after her birth in Iowa. I am unaware of any pictures of her, but I'm confident they may exist, since she was age 63 when she passed away on June 26, 1943. Her death is one of the most tragic of any that I am aware of in doing research on the Coyan family.

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