George M. Coyan & Mary McGinn Coyan

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A picture of son George Ellsworth Coyan (1870-1937)

George McKinnon Coyan (ca. 1831- before 1896&98) was born in Carroll county, Ohio, one of fourteen children born to John and Margaret McKinnon Coyan. George appears in the 1850 U. S. (Ohio) census for his parents as the youngest child (at age 19) still at home.

If there were any questions previous to now (Jan 2001) that George's mother, Margaret's, maiden name was McKinnon, those questions can now be put to rest. I recently obtained records from Placer county, California, that show that the "M" in George's middle name was in fact "McKinnon". It also appears that George was "6 foot tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes and gray hair" in 1894.

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