Coyan war veterans

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Folks, I definitely need your help with this page! I'm going to start out with a list that I have compiled from reading family obituaries as well as those veterans in my own branch of the family that am personally aware served our country in armed conflict. PLEASE drop me an email to let me know of any members of your family tree "branch" who served our country in war. To be a "Coyan" war veteran does NOT mean that your family veteran's last name HAS to be Coyan. If you or your family veteran's mother, grandmother, etc., was a Coyan, then you/they also deserve to be added to this page. We should all be thankful to them for their service to our country. It is because of these veterans that we enjoy the freedom we have today! Later on, I want to expand this list to include ALL Coyan veterans, not just those who served us in war.

The American Revolutionary War

Joseph McKinnon (1734- 1809) - the father of Margaret McKinnon Coyan. This fact enables direct descendants of John and Margaret to become members of the Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution, in my opinion one of the few genealogy Holy Grail you can "inherit" because of your American "roots"!

The American Civil War

Jackson Coyan (1840-98) - my great, great-grandfather

William H. Coyan (1842-61) - murdered by one of his Union army comrades!

Milton Sutton Coyan (1844-1911) - brother of William H. and sons of William T. Coyan

World War I

Henry W. Coyan (1887-1959?) - buried w/military honors so I'm "assuming" WWI for now

Paul Hefferlin Coyan (1897-1980) - a brother to Henry W.

George Wilson Coyan  (1897-1965) - served in France

World War II

Robert "Tot" Coyan - Tot was stationed at Pearl Harbor. He lives in Ft. Scott, Kansas

Paul Howard Coyan - served in the Pacific theater. Paul is of the "Montana branch" of Coyan's

Richard Coyan - stationed in Hawaii. A brother to Paul Howard Coyan

George T. Coyan - a Purple Heart recipient. Stationed at Okinawa. Brother to Paul & Richard.

Louis Wilson Bergevin - was a Major in the Army Air Forces. Son of Hazel Coyan Bergevin

George Dewey Coyan - served in the Battle of the Bulge

John "Pat" Coyan - here is Pat's obituary

Robert Leonard Coyan - a Purple Heart recipient. Served in Patton's 3rd army in Germany

Emerson Edward Coyan - from Dayton, Ohio. Served in the Air Force

Eugene Coyan - a brother to Emerson Edward. Served in the Army

Woodrow W. Coyan - a brother to Emerson and Eugene. Served in the Army

Ridgley McCrary - served in the Navy aboard the U.S.S. Pastores and U.S.S. Intrepid

The Korean War

Floyd W. "Boone" Coyan - served in the Air Force. Here is Boone's obituary

Conley F. Coyan - served in the Navy

The Viet Nam War

Carl Allen Coyan - my uncle

James Edward Coyan - my uncle

Gary Lynn Coyan - my uncle

The Persian Gulf War