Charles Wesley Coyan (1881-1966)

Below are copies of the cover page and one "detail" page of the original U.S. patent papers belonging to Charles Wesley Coyan of Homestead, Allegheny county, Pa., who in 1933 was awarded this patent for an "anti-skidding" device for automobiles.  The concept was quite ingenious, and it's interesting to me that devices similar to this (but obviously more sophisticated) are "standard equipment" on all of today's vehicles. Was Charles "ahead of his time" and did he actually sell this idea to the automotive industry in the early 1930's?? I wish that I could answer those questions, but unfortunately I can't. So where did I obtain these ORIGINAL patent papers? Of all places, on Ebay's internet auction website in 1999, when I was doing a search for "Coyan"! How much did I pay - probably too much, but how do you put a price on it, knowing that it's back in the family, where it belongs. Charles W. Coyan was the great-grandson of William Theaker Coyan - a brother to my gggg-grandfather Hugh Coyan. Also below is the obituary for Charles Wesley Coyan which I found on microfilm at the Meadville, Crawford county, PA. library in 1998.