Bryce Christopher Coyan - born June 14, 2001

"The first-born 10th generation descendant of our immigrant Coyan ancestor - Edward John Coyan"

While searching my Coyan family database today, I sought all of those individuals who are among the "10th generation" of descendants of Edward Coyan. There are about 6-8 that I am aware of at present (2/22/2002). Only 3 have the surname Coyan. Only one is a male, capable of passing on the Coyan surname. After researching the "possibilities" in other branches of our tree, I'm comfortable at this point in saying that Bryce Christopher Coyan is the first-born 10th generation male Coyan descendant of our immigrant ancestor to America, Edward John (Cowan) Coyan. Here is a picture of Bryce that appeared in the Jackson (Ohio) Journal-Herald  newspaper last summer. My thanks go to Karen Cribben Coyan for having this important info and picture published, albeit for her Cribben family tree. She didn't know (nor did I at the time) that this photo had such significance to the Coyan family tree as well!

If I have "jumped the gun" here and you can show me that we have a 10th generation Coyan male who was born before Bryce Christopher Coyan, then please let me know, so that I can correct the error, and give your family member his rightful place in Coyan family history.